As a therapist my work is client-centered with the aim of enabling individuals to focus on the present and understand what is happening in their lives right now.

The goal of the therapy is to raise your awareness of how you function within your own environment (with family, at work, school, friends etc.). During our sessions, you will become aware of what you are doing, how you are doing it, how you can make changes, and at the same time, learn to accept and value yourself. Through awareness, we see the reality of our present and can then make informed choices.

Instead of simply talking about past situations, you are encouraged to become more self-aware realising how your own negative thought patterns and behaviours are blocking true self-awareness and making you unhappy. We will work together to become more mindful of the influence that past events have on your present thoughts and feelings and as we revisit these feelings with a different perspective you can create a new and more satisfactory resolution through broadening your options, freeing your energy, and becoming more available to yourself and others.

As we talk through and explore the content of what you bring to the therapy sessions, you will be encouraged to notice your physical and emotional responses, with attention being paid to those times when this might prove difficult, and how these responses may lead to useful insights and increased self-awareness.

Introductions and assessment

I will spend a few minutes introducing myself and going through some formalities.  I will then take a history of your experiences and you will complete some basic forms.  We will also discuss confidentiality.  It is important that at any point during your therapy, you can ask me anything you want to know about my qualifications and experiences.  The relationship that we establish is very important to enable you to get the best out of the process, therefore, it is important that you have confidence in me.  Trust your instinct, and if you are unsure about anything then I would like to invite you to talk to me about it.

Are you interested?

Are you interested in working on your self-awareness to unlock the role you may be playing in your own discomfort?

I work with clients experiencing issues such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationship difficulties,abuse, bereavement and trauma to name a few. I believe that people have the ability to heal themselves and grow within an environment of safety and free from judgement.

I can provide both long and short-term counselling for adults and young people.